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The excellence of our services lies in our ability to offer you a unique and magical experience. That’s why the hospitality provided at the Maisons d'Arles exists in a variety of tailor-made offers, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, as a family, among friends, or as a business group.

We listen to your desires, passions, and expectations as we compose your individualized itinerary, activities, and discoveries.

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The discrete and attentive staff of Le Cloître guarantee the serenity of your stay. Ever mindful of your desires and needs, we make reservations for your transfers and for your outings to restaurants and exhibitions; we adapt our rooms for you, giving it a personal touch, and bring you things you’ve ordered. Our tailored advice and recommendations will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of the region and the best-kept secrets about the city of Arles.

Photo : Flag Cloud World Rain / Bayrak Bulutu Sozcuk Yagmuru © Kayhan Kaygusuz, courtesy of İKSV

What’s on

Luma Arles

While waiting for the completion of this vast cultural, artistic, architectural, educational and environmental project, Luma Arles has already opened its doors with a program of exhibitions and cross-disciplinary projects presented in the recently rehabilitated spaces of the Parc des Ateliers:

A School of Schools: Design as Learning
2-26 May 2019
A School of Schools is a multi-platform knowledge-based exhibition that uses, tests, and revises a variety of educational strategies. Curated by Jan Boelen — co-founding artistic director of the research program Atelier Luma — with Vera Sacchetti and Nadine Botha for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, it presents the work of over 90 artists and designers from around the world.  

Luma Days #3
22-25 May 2019
Each year, Luma Days considers a theme linked to the preoccupations of the foundation and that can make a social impact. In May 2017, Luma Days #1 developed Five Scenarios for a City in a Bioregion. In 2018, Luma Days #2 exchanges were devoted to Hospitality, Searching for Common Ground.
The theme explored for this new edition refers to one of the major challenges of time: TOGETHER, a declaration of interdependence... 

Offprint, the Parc Bookstore 
An exceptional selection of books about art, artists and design, exhibition catalogues and a range of publications produced by Luma in connections with its artistic program.

Le Réfectoire
Convivial canteen offering freshly prepared dishes with local produce, which can be enjoyed in a relaxed setting at long sharing tables. Open Friday to Sunday, 11am-5pm.

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Photo : Flag Cloud World Rain / Bayrak Bulutu Sozcuk Yagmuru © Kayhan Kaygusuz, courtesy of İKSV

Fondation Vincent van Gogh Exhibition

Niko Pirosmani, Kakhetian Train. Oil on cardboard, 70 × 140 cm. Georgian National Museum, Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts, Tbilisi © Infinitart Foundation Vienna / photo: Roberto Bigano

Fondation Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is a pivotal figure in the art of the 20th century. His oeuvre continues to influence artists and exert an unprecedented magnetism upon the public right up to the present. It was in Arles that Van Gogh produced – within the space of just 15 months between February 1988 and May 1888 – his finest masterpieces.
Inaugurated in April 2014, the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles pays due homage to the work of Van Gogh while at the same time exploring his impact upon art today. This relationship with contemporary art was enshrined within the principles of the Fondation right from its conception.

Niko Pirosmani – Wanderer between Worlds
This exhibition brings together almost thirty paintings by the Georgian artist (1862–1918) presenting a real and fantastical panorama, suffused with great calm, of an epoch in the midst of transition. Pirosmani’s imposing figures and motifs, with their powerful graphic quality, are wide-ranging: a train steaming through the countryside at night, a woman with a mug of beer, a monumental boar and, sometimes, animals such as a giraffe or lion from imagined lands. Rarely dated, his paintings on wax cloth are largely composed in black and white, enlivened by the presence of blue or white.

Self-taught, a wanderer, meandering between town and country, Pirosmani embodies the popular modern vision of the clear-sighted artist on the margin of society. Far from the symbolic intermediate spaces of galleries, artists’ groups and museums, Pirosmani forged an œuvre imbued with modesty in the taverns and stables of Tbilisi and its surroundings, painting to order or offering his art in exchange for food. He distanced himself from the image of the naive painter immured in his solitude and – like Van Gogh – built up a body of work that seems to belong to everyone.

Vincent van Gogh: Speed & Aplomb
Produced between 1884 (the Dutch period) and 1889 (the Provençal period), those six canvases by Vincent van Gogh convey a sense of speed and attest to a humble look at the people and the things surrounding the Dutch artist.


Niko Pirosmani, Kakhetian Train. Oil on cardboard, 70 × 140 cm. Georgian National Museum, Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts, Tbilisi © Infinitart Foundation Vienna / photo: Roberto Bigano


Here are our best recommendations to fully enjoy your visit of Arles and the Camargue. Le Cloître staff will be delighted to provide you with some more personal advice!

L’Épicerie du Cloître

Located adjacent to the Cloître hotel, in the city center of Arles, L'Épicerie du Cloître is a charming spot where you can enjoy delicious tapas, both at the counter and on the terrace.

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La Chassagnette

Its star in the Michelin guide (2009) and its Gault et Millau d'Or (2010) did not make La Chassagnette forget where it came from.

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Le Réfectoire

Located in the Parc des Ateliers at Luma Arles, Le Réfectoire is a friendly, spacious and bright canteen.

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From Antiquity to the present day, L’Arlatan has endured through many centuries.

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